I don’t think the puke on my brother-in-law’s floor had made him or his wife decide never to have children.

I will say, it was partly his own doing, getting caught up chasing the boys around. Getting to be the monster, catching and tickling. Laughing at the shrill squeals of delight and the absolute never-ending want of more play.

It made me think back to my sister’s first year’s as a parent and my subsequent first as an uncle, I begin to see how she must sometimes have viewed my brothers & I. Carefree. Not tied down. True spoilers, who thrive at the quick rile up, and then are able to walk away, not having to consistently deal with the fall out of a bed time come too soon, wrestling pajamas on, or like in this case, sudden barfing.

Every parent will tell you about all of the amazing, life changing reasons they are glad they had a child. And all of them are true. But there is also a part in every parent that is sacrificed to make room for this miracle. It is a small sense of self. In some parents, that piece is missed more so than in other parents, but it IS there. And all parents mourn it in their own way.

And conversely, there was a similar piece of me that always wanted kids. Even when I was able to come and go as I pleased. Decide to eat dinner when I felt like it. Stayed up later (and was able to) or when I was wrestling with my nephews.

So I still don’t think it was the puke on the floor that made him too thankful they do not have children. (yet, that is)

It was when his dog ran over and ate it.

Happy Thanksgiving.



About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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