Well prepared

“Dad, how do you call the fire trucks  again?”


“When do you call 991?”



“Yes, you call that when there is an emergency and you or someone needs help.”

“So you call 991 if there is a fire?”

“9-1-1. Yes. A fire is an emergency.”

“Which one is 9?”

“It’s upside down 6.”

“If there is a fire?”


“Or like if there was a crash?”


“Or you would call 611 if…”


“9-1-1 if someone was like stuck in a door. And there was a fire.”

“Um, yes. There doesn’t have to be a fire to be an emergency.”

“What if someone was electric?”

“Um, sure. If someone was hurt by electricity, that would be an emergency.”

“Or if someone was like watering a plant, and it caught on fire?”

“Defiantly. you would want people to see that.”

“Call 991. got it.”



About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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2 Responses to Well prepared

  1. Matt says:

    There probably should be a separate number for “plant caught on fire when I was watering it,” but you need to learn memorize 911 before you start working on the number for the Weekly World News.

  2. Lucas says:

    Is your older one afraid of plants catching on fire? Is that why he pees on them outside, to make sure that they are never too dry?

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