Do it again!

The older one squealed to me on the bus. At this moment, I was the best magician on the planet.

No. I can’t keep making it disappear. I fibbed. What if it didn’t come back?

Just one more time.


I tossed the beaded bracelet he picked up from God knows where and started the patented shuffling from hand to hand.

(I can’t give away all my amazing magic secrets; I will just say that at some point the object is no longer in play)

I held out two clenched fists.

Which one?

This one?

Nope. I open to reveal an empty hand.

This one? He hits the other fist excitedly.

Nope. I open it to reveal that it disappeared.

Where did it go? He asks with his hands up in mock exasperation

Is it in your ear? I ask as he wildly guides my hand up to try to pull it out.

I produce the bracelet with the other hand from his jacket pocket in my fist.

How did you do that? He yells. Ok. My turn.


Watch closely Dad.


I take the bracelet in my hands. He starts to pass it back and forth, his hands too small to cover up the bracelet completely rolled up.

No. You need to close your eyes.


No. I need to cover your eyes.


He places a hand that from palm to fingertips barely covered both eyes. I realize he I need to do a better job remembering to wash his hands in the morning.

Now. He says shuffling around in the seat on his knees. You need to think of magic.

You’re stalling. I say.

No! Keep your eyes covered. I feel him struggle to open the zippered pocket on my coat.

What are you doing?

Stop! You need to keep your eyes closed!

Why are you messing around with my pockets?

I…uh…need some fresh air.

From my pockets?

Keep your eyes closed! Think of magic! He scolds as I feel his hands shove into my pocket.

Ok! Now open your eyes!

I open them, and there he is laughing with his fists clenched in front of him.

You’ll never guess where it is!

I bet your right! I say.

And I didn’t.


About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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One Response to tricking

  1. Susie McGinley says:

    You MUST collect all the blogs and send them (or take them ) to the Oregonian.
    They are sooo good and appeal to so many people. The paper does NOT have a column like this. We have editorials, different metro columns, a horrible sports writer column ….but not one like this. Please think about it. I am not the only person that thinks this would be a good idea. But whatever happens, please keep writing.

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