The first time God came into our house, She brought along her daughter, Nate.

Mom? Dad? Guess who’s here? He asked excitedly after he ran to the door and opened it.

Who? I was expecting one the regular drop by characters Batman, or Bumblebee.

God! And She brought Nate!


She has a son named Nate? I asked choking back laughter and surprise.

No, God has a daughter.

Named Nate?

Yes. Is it alright if they stay for dinner?

Of Course! Come in God and Nate! (My wife leapt at the chance to see how far this would run.)

What do God and Nate eat? She asked getting our mere mortal dinner together in the kitchen.


And what might God want to drink? I asked anticipating the answer already, but hoping he would beat me to it.


Dad, who makes the sun, and like, the rain? The other regular bus riders that have grown to listen in on his talking points, started to smirk out of the corner of my eye. As a parent, one is usually called in to answer the unanswerable questions at all times of day. As a non-morning person, I generally have a hard time trying to put pants on myself, let alone explain the total unknowns of the vast universe. I tend to deflect back as an easy defense.

Who do you think makes them? I asked

Well, I think that God, and the earth makes them.

Do you think God controls the earth to do it? Because the earth goes around the sun, remember?

Oh, Right. I think it is that God does control some things, but needs Mother Earth for stuff too. Am I right?

Hmmm. It’s a tough question.

Who do you think does it? He asked. This is what I was dreading. When it comes to the other oddities of the world; how glass is made, where the moon goes, what is a fossil, I can get by. But my own dogma is too much for me to understand let alone try to explain to my child at 8:00 in the morning.

I am not sure, to be honnest. Maybe God, maybe nobody.

After their first visit, we soon learned that God and Nate were spending some time crashing with us because things had to be fixed at their house. It seemed somewhat odd to me that the divine master of the universe was also at the mercy of a contractors estimated schedule of completion. However, if you have someone that comes highly recommended for the work in your home, I suppose it doesn’t matter who you are.

A short time afterwards, Nate was dropped off by God, while God had to “take care of some things.” Not only that, but we were also told that we would be watching Nate’s younger sister, Wanda. I did not feel the need to ask what “things” God might need to take care of, nor did I worry about how long this would be. I was wondering about Wanda a little. From what the older one could piece together I learned that they were sisters, but did not have the same father.

After some time, we got keyed into Diamond, God’s husband. Now, it would seem that Diamond and God are separated sometimes. But they still seem to have a very amicable relationship. I image Diamond as genial and talented, a real people person. Alas, married to God, and living with that kind of schedule and commitment maybe got the better of him. To me living as God’s husband more than likely was too much for his mortal ego to bear, so they decided it was for the best, and they would be partners in raising their girls.

The older one once alluded to a car accident where one of Gods children was killed, but has since recanted this story as happening to someone “Bobby” once knew. Bobby is another friend we have had dealings with for more than two years. As far as I know however, Bobby and God have yet to break bread together.

But for the past 6 months or so, the door will be opened and Wanda and Nate will be dropped off for a while. We invite them to stay for as long as they would like, (after all, I seriously want to be on their Mom’s good side) and they are pretty quiet and very well behaved. Sometimes it’s overnight and other times a few weeks.

So maybe God makes the sun and Mother Earth makes it rain. The older one stated trying to come to a conclusion within his belief system.

I see. So they know each other pretty well?

Well yeah… (He said as if I had slept through a Sunday school lesson)

…I mean Mother Earth is Nate’s Grandma.


About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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