Note to self…

Me and My sone in 2025?


Yes, son?

When I get older, like a grown up…


Like when I’m like 13 or 20…

A Grown up.

Yeah. Will you… I mean I think I would be able to…Uh…take me for a ride on your submarine?

On my submarine?

Yeah. You never have done that with me yet.

Oh. did I tell you I would?

No. You just never have done that yet. With me I mean.

Right. You know I don’t have a submarine, right?

I know.

You do know what a submarine is….?

Yeah. I just mean you’ll probably get one though when you get bigger.

Right. Tell you what, when I get my submarine, I will remember that I owe you a ride in it with me.

Ok. Good. Thanks.

You and your little brother of course.

Well… maybe he can like, come on the second ride.


About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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