see world

Dad. You know why I like the killer whale best?

No. I do not. Why is it your favorite animal?

It’s not my favorite animal. It’s my favorite…like… type of whale.

Oh. Why is it your favorite?

Well firstly they are so big. They are like bigger than squids and bigger than sharks, well most sharks I think. And bigger than humpbacks!

I’m not sure they…

AND the can swim really good…


It’s true! And they are even people that put then in big water cages so people will think they are cool.

The people, or the whales?

The whales are in the cages…

I know that. To show what’s cool?


No! People show them off in tanks, so people with think that the whales are cool, or those people are cool?


Fine. What else?

Well sometimes, when the people are swimming with them, they get eated up. Like…the whale will eat them.

Yes, they have hurt people.

I know! But they mostly just want to eat other fish like sharks, and stuff.


I saw one once, did you know that?

Really? Do you remember where?

Yeah. It was at the lake and I was all alone and at first I was afraid, but then I could tell it was a nice whale so I got on it and it gave me a ride on its back…

What? Why didn’t I see it?

Well nobody did. I was all alone for a second so nobody saw it.

I see…

I DID! You never believe me…

If you said it happened…


Ok, Ok! Calm down…


I tricked you! (laughing) But they for seriously are my favorite whale…

Good to know. I like the blue whale.

Oh yeah! No, that’s my favorite whale…


About D.Jeinkins

a married father of two boys, trying in desparation to preserve his sanity
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